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Our class representatives have an extremely important role. There are usually one or two representatives per class who provide the link between parents, STAPA and the school. The support from the class representatives is also important when it comes to arranging our main events throughout the year from encouraging parent support to organising help.

A current list of class representatives is shown below:  

  • RY  Sylvia Tonetto

  • RG  

  • L1  Claudia Benschop

  • L2  Lisa Laurence & Lianne Cassin

  • L3  

  • L4  Carrie Anne Hostie 

  • M1  Anna Cremin & Marzena Stanecka

  • M2  Caroline De Quentin & Tamsin Tierney

  • M3  

  • M4  Lisa Laurence

  • U1  Tamsin Tierney

  • U2

  • U3  Hollie Peart & Kasia

  • U4  Carrie Anne Hostie & Virginie Dwivedi 

  • U5  Hollie Peart

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