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St Andrew’s Parents Association (STAPA) is a team of mums and dads that organize special events and initiatives for the school community. The main objective is to raise funds through these events that benefit the children and the school directly. Another objective of STAPA is to represent parents and bring to attention a variety of topics and ideas that may benefit the school.


​Click here for our committee members


We are very lucky to have a team of dedicated committee members and a large extended group of parents who all belong to STAPA. We aim to meet every term to discuss new event ideas, evaluate past events and see how they can improved. Please click here to stay up to date with our events and meet ups. New Members are always welcome to join our meetings - we encourage parents to join these meetings as we are always looking for new members. 


If you would like to join STAPA then please get in touch. You can be involved as much or as little as you like!


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